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About TmaxTibero

We Represent Korea’s DBMS

Starting with the first commercial RDMBS release in Korea, TmaxTibero is a leading DBMS company with the best original technology and global competitiveness.
Tibero7, our main product, is a user-customized DBMS free from On-premise and Cloud environment restraints. High availability, High performance, High security, and High compatibility are guaranteed.
We aim at achieving Database Total Solution Platform through various products that are in charge of massive data in the cloud computing era, such as high-performance appliance ZetaData, monitoring & performance management solution SysMasterDB 8, data consistency and replication solution ProSync, and open-source based service platform HyperSQL.

Global Business

TmaxTibero Over the World
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Tech Community

TechNet, TmaxTibero's tech community, provides convenient and quick access to product manuals/technical materials as well as Q&A/Training materials.

Message from CEO

Challenging the Global Market with Innovative Technology

Welcome to TmaxTibero, a total data technology specialist. We offer data-related technologies and products, such as DBMS and Business Intelligence Solutions.
As data becomes the most valuable resource in the era of Industry 4.0, we witness growing demands for solutions that efficiently handle the data utilization process— acquisition, management, and analysis.
Data have become much more than an information asset; they are the key to secure business competitiveness. TmaxTibero supports powerful data strategy through ‘Tibero,’ a DBMS that integrates/manages heterogeneous database without the modifying the original application, and ‘HyperData,’ an integrated platform that covers all areas of data utilization.
Particularly, Tibero was selected by various organizations such as Hyundai Motors and Brazil National Pension Corp and has proven our eye-opening performance for both enterprises and public institutions. More than 1,230 client companies adopted Tibero and created more than 7,500 references, resulting in the global emergence of Tibero as the most useful alternative of rival / open source DBMS.
TmaxTibero is taking a next step forward with our original AI and Cloud technology. We are applying AI and Cloud technology to our DBMS and BI products, aiming to surprise the world with infinitely expanding products.
Cultivating talent is the foundation of our next step. Tmax provides all engineers with individual office, with ratio of 1:1 or 1:2 depending on their needs. We also offer company housing as well as health center, cafeteria, massage service, staff rest lounge, and childcare for employees. We have been and will do our best to create the best environment for engineers to focus on development.
TmaxTibero will continue to pioneer the value creation of the DB technology through constant innovation and collaboration with partners. Thank you.

Introducing Tmax R&D Center

Creating Value through Technology, Cradle of Korea’s System Software

Tmax R&D Center is the research institute of TmaxTibero.
R&D center performs all researches regarding data management process based on DBMS and BI solution.
Recently, TmaxTibero R&D center has been the control center of developing the AI/Cloud Environment-optimized data solution. We support customized data management in all areas — finance, production, public, communication — with the insight that our solution provides.
Our engineers receive 1:1 or 1:2 individual research office for the best work environment. Our fitness center, massage service, and cafeteria provide the engineers with rest, supporting them to adjust the work-life balance with ease. Additionally, our regular IT seminar offers opportunity to increase the IT ability and improve service quality.
As the technology battlefield of TmaxTibero, Tmax R&D center will never stop our endeavor to surprise the world with our innovative technology.