AWS re:Invent 2023
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Free from On-Premise and Cloud environment restraints— User Customized DBMS, Tibero7
Optimized for enterprise operation structure with powerful new features. High Availability, High Performance, High Security, and High Compatibility guaranteed.
Tibero provides the same functionality and performance in cloud environments as it does on-premises.
Tibero on AWS is developed based on AWS EC2 instances with Intel M7i processors. The M7i instances offer over 1.2 times performance improvement compared to the previous M6i, reducing workload processing times.
Experience remarkable speed with Tibero powered by Intel's M7i instances.
22.04.04 IT Daily: “TmaxTibero has successfully replicated the TAC(Tibero Active Cluster) used in on-premises environments to the cloud, and has registered 'Tibero' on the AWS Marketplace” (Link)


Consolidated data solution for quick processing of massive data and system stability with high-performance database server, intelligent storage server, and high-speed network.


Integrated database solution that extracts the required data from a database and accurately reflects on the destination database in real time.

SysmasterDB 8

Performance management solution for real time database monitoring and analyzing.

Tmax OpenSQL for PostgreSQL

Open-source service platform based on development-friendly PostgreSQL.

Opening up the New Data World with ‘Tmax DBAS’, a fully-managed DBaaS (Database as a Service)

Tmax DBAS is a DBaaS platform that provides all DB services in a cloud environment for digital transformation, enabling easy DB construction and convenient development & operation.